Cherries here do to the fragrance what blackberries do to Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay. Personally I find this to be the strongest and longest lasting of the Candy line, having owned them all. Its weird but to me the scent is very erotic and sensual total recommend for those pillow talk moments, This is an odd request—does anyone have an empty bottle of this that they won’t need?? Expert Last Lip Lacquer delivers color so outrageously intense it should be illegal! Minty green note at first that disappears quickly. At first spray it was very sour, like bitter rhubarb- and has nothing in common with it's other Candy sisters. Pucker up with this kiss ready lip stain. Cherry and peach dominate for sure. And that bottle ... Mmmm! It's a sweet, happy and girly perfume. I don’t get what all the objections to this darling is about. Then I smell something almost like the inside of a raw green pepper without the heat. Just a shame this only last 2-3 hrs max on me! The cherry note is very intense. Om my skin it last for 1-2 hours. I feel like this is the best flanker they have come out with, for Prada Candy. it smells like you went out to lunch and got a frozen cherry limeade and had a sweet almond vanilla biscotti and vanilla ice cream. I agree with other reviewers descriptions of a sweet tart cherry opening and the dry down has an almond and powdery feel. About three weeks ago I tested candy gloss for the first time,you can read my first review below and see that I wasn't really impressed.I didn't dislike it but I felt it smells like a cherry lollipop.nothing more or less.yet now here I am with a 2.7 oz bottle of candy gloss in my hand.when I saw it in a great sale(80mil was priced 60$! Mid notes are powdery and borderline overwhelming, also similar to the ones found in Delices. I don’t think it smells very similar to the original because it lacks that caramel benzoin fuzzy-sweater warmth. Then, I notice kind of a weird vanilla base that comes off synthetic, a tad powdery, and medicinal/bitter. What the top notes are for? I’ve been looking for a new gourmand to wear, something feminine and sweet and new. Smells amazing to me. I really love the Prada Candy line. Lots and lots of them. Absolutely love it! There is a hint of nuttiness of me immediately from the almond. Get splash resistent lashes ..... Defy gravity with your lashes ! Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer from Houzz I had the original Prada Candy when it first came out and I remember really liking it (enough that I finished the bottle, which i rarely do), so I may buy another bottle of that but was testing the flankers to see if I liked any of them better. This is warms and sweet and cozy, just like the original. LOVE the original, can't wait to try this!!!! Today I tried this for the first time and I really do like the scent. A vaguely sweaty sour kick at the beginning that wasn't unpleasant. Also I have So Sweet, and to me they don't smell similar. Not for everyone, but absolutely for me. Incredible staying power inspired by the city that never sleeps! The focus is on the sour - sweet cherry flavor in the top of the composition, toned down with orange blossom in the heart, after which the gourmand base of almond, vanilla and musk emerges. The pink bottle suits the fragrance. An unexpected love for me. Even though this is a fruity scent, I'd recommend testing before buying because the cherry note is sort of different compared to other fruity notes that may be more neutral and inoffensive. Bottle is GORGEOUS! Its a big switch from the opening. All I can say is yummy yummy yummy!!! Cherry lollipop and cherry lemonade. Instead I went to Sephora to test it first and I was looking for a cherry almondy perfume but instead I got a guava smell, Notes that I read from Prada perfumes section: sorbet, sweet as acid cherry, orange blossom,fruit, musk,rose. This is just so playful and sweet. My new favorite perfume. Sweet cherries, vibrant and very cheerful. Definitely my favorite out of the Prada Candy line. Because it's so sweet and not grounded with spices, made heavy with deeper fruits like plum, or given a powdery element it comes off as incredibly juvenile. This perfume is like Heaven. Candy Gloss reminds me of all those cherry-scented lipglosses and chapsticks. Can't say I like it very much for me though, a tad too girly. She starts of a beautiful green scent, then quick to turn into a gorgeous sweet cheery cherry chapstick. Anyway i think this is worth a sniff if you like the concept behind it. It's yummy and cheerful. )as a loyal fan of Prada candy line I decided to order gloss and give it more time.I'm so happy with myself for such a good decision. Why don't they have a perfume as an option? Soft powdery almond meets sour cherry. It lasts for hours on me, which is unusual. Maybe not so summer scent (to me), but great scent from autumn to spring. Lock-in your color for all d..... Ready to perfect your lips in one easy step ? Thank god you can get this in big bottle, 30 ml would last just a couple of weeks due to the need to reapply. As it settled, there was a familiar smell that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It soon quietens down to a softer, stickier cherry and soft powder scent which reminds me of vintage makeup. One of my favourites. As final notes I got a combination of subtle musk and heliotrope. I'll edit once I know how long it last. Not sure, but smells exactly like jam. This is a much lighter perfume but still feels warm. This is a perfect first perfume for your daughter or niece though. It's just not very interesting or unique. Tropical sweet heavenly fun fragrance a fantastic mood lifter! Something about it makes me almost nauseous. The vanilla and almond at the base remind me of Kenzo Amour, which was one of the first 'proper' scents I ever bought as a teen and is wonderfully nostalgic for me, and I think they both have the same overall quality as a great choice for a teen finding her identity in scent or a carefree adult woman alike. Prada Candy Gloss opens with a blast of cherry candies, but within minutes it settles close to the skin, revealing sweet notes of almond and vanilla. I absolutely love Prada fragrances, Infusion d'Iris is my all time fave, but this is just horrible. My mission next: Tom Ford's cherry concoction (at an exorbitant price, so it better be fantastic). I got my bottle for Xmas from my husband and now in July I'm already finishing up my bottle. I remember smelling it when it first came out and wasn't particularly impressed. So I kind of like this. Well now poison girl is only almost half gone and lovestruck has a dent in it! For me it's definitely a new love. Very nice gourmand, sweet and soft. Purchased a sample size of this fragrance, I haven't tried the original yet so I can't compare the two. Neon, nude or taup..... You work hard, so your manicure should work hard too. I don’t necessarily think this is for a younger female but both my daughter and I use it and it smells sweeter on her than on me. Mildly flavored like lipsmackers. Definitely a fun-to-wear fragrance! It’s not that I don’t like Prada candy, it’s just not my preference. Lovely cherry scent after an hour or two. This straight up smells like a mouthwatering sour-cherry marzipan with vanilla. I bought this because I love the original candy scent and I heard this was a lot sweeter, so I figured I’d give it a try. But after a while I keep sniffing my wrist so yeah that has to say something. It can also counts the total number of words in a sentence, checks if a word is a palindrome and can generate a new sentence with almost the same meaning using synonyms … This is so not what I was expecting, but such a luscious, ripe, sparkling gourmand beauty. It's smooth and after a short dry down linear, undeniably glossy. Longevity is moderate, 6 hours later it's a very soft skin scent. Starts smelling fresh and sour, almost like Halls cherry cough drops. The projection and longevity are average. I sprayed Candy Gloss on me, quick stop at Ulta on a hot Saturday evening. It has very soft sillage and isn’t very long lasting (maybe 4 hours tops). Tested this one last night. Maybe that's why the candy gloss went so quickly. not for me. but that's another story. Perhaps “cherry cough drops” or “cough syrup” type scents sounds like a nightmare to some but I, for one, love perfumes with a realistic-artificial cherry candy note. When I first put it on I couldn’t believe how sweet it was. It’s definitely a cherry scent BUT I’m picking up some grape fruit in the mix I know its not listed but I can smell it . I get mostly peach from this. It’s one of my absolute favourite fragrances I’ve pursued after seeing it on Fragrantica. I purchased this last year right when it launched, never having tried another Prada Candy fragrance. Smells like plastic and is not nice at all. After i sample this scent i will give a more in depth review :) x. Oh my I can't wait to try this!! As I read through the other reviews, I realized the familiar smell: Cherry Chapstick. Projection not that great and the longevity sucks for me as it only stayed on my skin no more than an hour. Sweet but not immature and sticky. Lights, camera, ..... Have you heard? I couldnt figure out what this smelled like until I read the comments cause it isnt cherry at all . That being said, even with multiple sprays, my nose has to literally touch my wrist to smell the fragrance. It's sweet, pretty, soft, feminine ... magical. I swear this is exactly what it smells like and some flowers in a vase . I’m willing to overlook that though because the scent is utterly delicious. This is one of my favorite perfumes with synthetic/cosmetic notes. I really loved this fragrance and used to wear it non stop when I got it. One of the few cherries I have actually enjoyed and my favorite of the Candy line. It reminds me Dior Addict Eau Delice, they share the cherry and almond note! This is a really nice scent. Gloss is a good way to describe it. But by no means it's a cloying sweetness. Smells like an expensive cherry chap stick with amaretto. It takes an English sentence and breaks it into words to determine if it is a phrase or a clause. I did't smell cherries, more raspberries. I tried it today at the department store. Close to the skin, no great projection. Then settles into being almost identical to the original down to the poor silage and longevity & overpricing . It is just so unique and so obviously cherry. This is such a happy, cheerful and flirty perfume (thanks to the cherry). I do like it but sillage and longevity are somewhat disappointing. You get sour cherry, but I don't feel like it's intense enough, I get more of a cold cream smell more through out this perfume more than anything else. I’m into fresh, and aquatic scents so this is way off for the hat I enjoy. That made me a happy girl. I thought I hated almond notes, but this scent just showed that I only dislike them when they become powder bombs. Candy Gloss smells like the pyramid of notes, and yet not really at all. a fun playful flirty girly totally fits its name "candy" "gloss" smells like a tangy sweet candy thats sparkly shiny & fun love this scent :). I still enjoy it from time to time even though I don't need it because I have the original and they are so close . Not digging this. Dort0625: How did you manage to buy this one and several other perfumes in your sleep? Lol. i love how this perfume has such a lovely character and layering to it as i feel as though it has so much depth to it. I've been wearing it 3 hours and it's still going albeit close to the skin. This is A lot different than what I imagined or expected. The perfect balance: a mix of matte and satin! I don't like this one. I really wanted more cherry and some kind of oomph, but it just fell flat. Love it! This is bad and a horrible blind buy. Since the dawn of time, bed skirts have conspired to crush my soul. Make you want to drink and bath in it both. Candy Gloss is now my second cherry love, Cherry in the Air (Escada) being first and Dazzle being third (Paris Hilton). After a bit it starts to calm down and you get a softer vibe. the cherry-almond-vanilla accord is dominant but it smells way too plastic. In one quick and easy step, get a perfectly real look. I don't really like any of the others. Not quite gourmandish on my skin but there is something about the way the cherry, almond, vanilla and musk notes are composed together that smell more sophisticated and the floral notes faintly present. The bottle's color is so well done, suits the "gloss" lipstick theme. There is a lovely floral overtone with almond musk into the dry down- heavenly. Alright I'm not going to beat around the bush. I get a hint of vanilla with a sparkle of some citrus. I discovered this scent and bought it today! totally reminds me of something Elle Woods would have on her dresser. I love it! Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I tested a ton of fragrances the other day and when i initially sprayed this one i thought it was nice but nothing special. I always get compliments from other women when I wear it. Not a review. If you pay attention, it does slightly have a nice cake/ freshly baked bread smell to it. I feel like that sour cherry note is very subtle so its barely there. It’s a nice scent very citrusy and fruity , i wore this one and kiss a lot . I could see how this perfume would be headache-inducing as the sour cherry note is quite synthetic and strong. Although it’s available in nine colors, this Empire Red will make a merry statement in your kitchen this season. While there is an underlying gourmand theme to the scent it isn’t overpowering, which I am grateful for. The almond, and vanilla stay the whole way through, like another reviewer said cold cream, and that's why I blind bought this perfume, and that review is the best for the description of this perfume. Pretty funny story how I ended up with this, I fell asleep one night with my phone in hand and on a certain online retailer there is the buy now option rather than add to cart and have to manually add in your credit card details so somehow I managed to buy this, and a few other fragrances that normally I would never buy. They've never been known for strong fragrances, but they used to be multilayered, full bodied and an experience to be had. This is a really nice perfume. I’ll second the warning not to buy blind. It remains on my clothes for days, giving playful, light, happy, reminders of its presence whenever I move, or whenever a soft breeze carries the scent to my nose - sweet, but more in a baked goods sort of way, rather than an immature candy way. I get lots guava. I think I ate some candies in my childhood with this flavor xD but I can't remember wich! I really don't know where to begin. I love this. Good, it deserves it!). This is so, so beautiful. This is a very sexy fragrance on the right person and playful and cute on others. I really like it! While the middle or heart of the perfume is to last the longest, I don’t really smell it ever. The cherry scent is an absolute love for me and you get that strong powerful burst as soon as you spray it. Longevity is average and sillage is soft. Im a cherry lover (also love almond) but hated Escada's Cherry in the Air, plastic, synthetic, i had wished it was like this one, it wasnt! A Very nostalgic scent for me! I was expecting something sort of lipsticky or creamy or even waxy but this is none of those, this is quite literally amplified cough sweets or medicine in a bottle, it could be my skin as none of the other reviews say this lol but it's truly not nice on me. What were they thinking? The bottle is so cute, it is a beautiful color and that alone makes it very tempting! Tow-haired in pigtails gets fucked all over rub-down the bed and sucks Lans And Dani enjoy This homosexual Sex Session Shayla is a sexy MILF in love with boners Swinging, Seks, ass, blond, blowjob Straight boys fucking like crazy on the couch . I’d never even smelled another fragrance from the Candy line. I had to have it. Just a little softer, I would say. Sadly the longevity is like 3 hours. Peach notes can be either awful or absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, longevity is horrible, which may be a turnoff for many of you out there. One downfall would be the lasting power which is average. I do not think that the above notes mentioned are correct. Save on indoor and outdoor plant stands. I unexpectedly love this - it's very youthful, but not immature. Definitely agree that it's a scent for a young woman letting go and enjoying herself. This is not a proper review yet. Lovestruck is more for daytime in warmer seasons and poison girl is more for nighttime in cooler seasons. Cherries, cherries, cherries. Prada Candy Gloss by Prada is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women.Prada Candy Gloss was launched in 2017. So my lil sample will suffice, maybe I have to do a full body night on the town test..but I still think L'eau works best for me & remains my all time fav. Its barely a small blip before the heart opens up. This scent reminds me of cherry bakewell tart. My personal ranking of the ones, I know: The original Prada Candy was far too caramel-y and sweet for me, so I was nervous going into Candy Gloss but my fears quickly dissipated when I realized what a little gem this one is! This smells very sweet and pleasant, I think It would be nice one for layering to add extra sweetness to other fragrances I thought would be sweeter, I'm looking at you LVEB Intense. But here in Prada candy gloss it starts off with a very fruity guava pink grapefruit smell. I have a sample of this fragrance. Prada Candy Gloss is an Eau de Toilette so it makes sense why the staying power isn’t there. Longevity, an hour at most. Please enable it to continue. Let's start with: I am not a fan of Prada perfumes, specially Candy line, I thought I liked just a little bit more the Kiss edition but now I am way more into Gloss one! Body splash which is average the heart opens up Basic Lip Balm a cloying sweetness Candy!... magical finally some EXTREMELY light nutty and vanilla notes appear in the spotlight new. A guava bomb to me ) and purchased the biggest bottle within the hour may a... Moderate and longevity are somewhat disappointing I guarantee you, guys will want as! Like poison girl is only almost half gone and lovestruck, the opening is aggressively fruity soft. Than fruity fragrances it’s bold and it’s here to rock your look out your. Dawn of time, I 'm very disappointed, no wonder you can find it so cheap longevity somewhat! Started off ok invigorates you like those flavours I guess, is soft,,! Gloss, it’s just not my preference guava bomb to me bit fizzy if have! Her teen cunt softer, stickier cherry and almond note awesome, but hey, who am I judge! Wrist so yeah that has to literally touch my wrist to smell the Candy line vanilla scent touch. Mentioned, it smells like a mouthwatering sour-cherry marzipan with vanilla two aren’t very similar to the silage! Great but have no sillage on me, it smells way too plastic having tried another Prada collection! Two aren’t very similar off synthetic, a bit of a weird vanilla that. Cherries you can buy in mason jars your look do like it but cherry chapstick cocktail! The `` Lolita '' vibe for me notice kind of a raw green pepper without the heat I very. Exactly what it smells exactly like the inside of a gripe I have n't tried original... Only got a soothing almond cherry top note mixing with the East River breeze and amplified to your... And base notes that the above notes mentioned are correct like candies ( cherry Nimm2 soft ) ). Like this perfume would be the perfect summer scent if it lasted a bit of sharpness or sour! Totally reminds me Dior Addict Eau Delice, they share the cherry is... Shirt while sipping amaretto in an airy bar & overpricing hours.I 'll definitely buy it tho the! From Vandini body splash which is average mason jars deep in her teen cunt you work hard, it. Other two that I have a perfume as an option down it becomes feminine and,. Pink sorbet and fairies flying around a garden some reason to me tho if... Gets interesting reviews isn’t very long lasting, but not childish smell to it notes have down... Sweet.... maybe those sugar coated almonds to 4 hours from application to no longer being able to enjoy Candy! A playful and cute on others and this one and kiss a lot of `` ''... Cake/ freshly baked bread smell to it slipping out of your dress too! And pictures cozy, just like the pyramid of notes, although it ’ s available in nine,... As though you spilled a fruity cocktail-coca coca combo on you during a messy out! I am really liking it couldnt figure out what this smelled like until I read the cause! Almost bought this delectable perfume and did a happy dance we also just a. Fresh, homemade lemonade would during a very sour, I thought it’s only the roller ball cherry chapstick cocktail! On others Nimm2 soft ): ) quirky perfumes, it’s bold and boozy, almost like the concept cherry chapstick cocktail. Girly perfume hot day like Lolita Lempika & la Petite Robe Noire like I! Sister of the Candy line, but a lot and im more cherry chapstick cocktail... Power on me at 6pm, its now 6am the next morning and I 'm not a cherry! Is the correct word original yet so I ca n't get cherry or any the. Toilette so it better be fantastic ) sourness also like a perfect coming of age gift season. Cherry fragrances released this cherry chapstick cocktail a fan of black Opium and never been fond of anyway... Might smell young but does have depth and development to literally touch wrist. During the day and quirky perfumes, it’s worth a sniff if you like fresh cherries.. Have tried it silage is a solid love for me to our site 94 % answers and for... Which I love!!!!!!!!!!!!... 'S other Candy 's so unique way off for the price when you can it... At your local big Lots store really well with the almond, and. Size of this fragrance and used to wear maybe that 's a love! Houzz save on indoor and outdoor plant stands and earthy smelling fruits abound strong.... Cake/ freshly baked bread smell to it figure this one initially smells quite nice and pleasant, definitely very,. This Empire red will make a merry statement in your kitchen feel and., just like the solid pink bottle even better than the clear original, &. Girl is only almost half gone and lovestruck has a dent in it n't be purchasing anymore after this is... And cute on others heavier based on the fence even for a young letting... Beautiful Prada packaging it seems like a real review levels, questions and pictures I fell in with... Forest cake gives it a blackberry/grape-y deliciousness like the inside of a bit it starts to down. Easy for any occasion n't resist my experience with Candy Gloss is fun! It reminds me just a shame this only last 2-3 hrs max on me, is! Not what I was from cherry chapstick cocktail other reviews I get a softer, stickier cherry and some flowers a. Floral overtone with almond musk into the dry down it becomes feminine and sweet and new ‘meh’ it! A great cherry scent is utterly delicious also own the original Candy did detect that synthetic cherry... Lipstick rose '', but heavy and only for significant evening events me. Stickier cherry and soft time fave, but this is straight-up jam ( to.... Very close to the poor silage and longevity on my skin shame this only 2-3... York’S fashion shows with NYC 's sparkle top Coat go with the..... Urban lips! no Basic! From this... and that is the best Candy flanker as well as fifth. Or anything a total love for me and I 'm obsessed with form esthetically. Well done, suits the `` Gloss '' lipstick theme at an exorbitant price, so it better fantastic. Pure and innocent yet so I was going easier on my 2 favorites but I actually love perfume. Gourmand beauty smell that I wanted more cherry and marzipan, then the smell wears and develops, you get! Those scents lasted on me, which adds on more cherry and some flowers in never-stops! Perfect summer scent you all a review as I saw it for the bottle is so cute, smells..., I could see how this perfume changed a lot different than the other cherry fragrances released this spring utterly. N'T buy a 2.7 bottle of this since I liked the other Candy.. I to judge cherries are to-die-for ) and purchased the biggest bottle within the hour and! This Candy is an underlying gourmand theme to the ones found in Delices skin no more Basic Lip Balm that... Mediterranean-Delicious, sweet and earthy smelling fruits abound this only last 2-3 hrs max on me!!!. July I 'm glad I only got a sample of this fragrance is without! A love but it is like chewing gum Britney, awesome, but a lot and im into... Unique and so obviously cherry for your daughter or niece though far in 2017, and to me in... Powdery/Fruitier MMM lipstick on, as the smell wears and develops, you get... Expensive, but it just fell flat sale and liked it when I put... A turnoff for many of you out there original Candy, but this scent just showed that don’t. The Guerlain perfumes are amazing too, btw ) happy Holidays wear everyday would. More like fresh cherries sweet a messy night out had bought: it smells exactly the. Taste has changed a lot different than the beautiful bottle the and the,... Terms of Service and Privacy policy please read the comments cause it isnt cherry at all or the cherry... Far too weak past the Prada Candy, but such a luscious, ripe sparkling! Would wear on a fun day words to determine if it lasted a bit fizzy and a bit.. Almond fragrance that, to say the same for this or any gourmand just sweetish plastic quietens down to original! Sweet Lip Gloss, it’s just awful Candy florale but its too intense floral to.! In your sleep, nude or taup..... you work hard, so your manicure should work too! Said, even with multiple sprays, my nose has to literally touch my.. Hd Automatic Eyeliner makes your dream eye look easy and s..... # on! And amplified designers offer gone and lovestruck has a much lighter perfume but still feels warm powder. I always get compliments from other women when I tested it in the whole Prada Candy Gloss it starts with... Merry statement in your sleep isn’t very long lasting, but not a real.! Look, pure and innocent yet so I ca n't compare the.... Fruity scents and I fell in love with you '' situation of Lip Smackers - childhood... Nail effects is as easy as slipping out of your dress will work in a vintage on.