There is no 1 on the honeywell digital…just r and rc, Hi Dfour! Hi! I would see if they have any reviews about this product. If you have air conditioning you will need the Y yellow and G green fan wires. I emailed a photos of the old thermostat and the new thermostat to, Hi Dean! Steve, Hi Steve, I am changing my AC thermostat and I have three wires (green, white and red). Steve. So I would try Red to R and Black to W. “Y” on most thermostats controls the cooling and should have nothing to do with the heat. I just bought a Honeywell thermostat to replace the old one. R is the hot wire from the hot side of the low voltage transformer. It looks like you have everything pretty much wired right other than I would think you would need to leave the R and Rc wires jumped and the “O” orange wire controls the reversing valve. I don’t want to get deep n the install of the new thermostat and find a problem. G attaches to the fan relay to turn the fan on when the air conditioner is on W white turns the gas valve on in heating mode and Y yellow would turn the out door air conditioning unit on. I used a paperclip for the jump wire. I have never seen a Honeywell round thermostat where the “O” is connected up. Usually the W (white wire) controls the (electric heat) or gas valve and the Y wire (yellow) usually controls the outdoor heat pump or air conditioning unit. Best of luck! For cooling the thermostat makes connections between R, Y, and G. Y connects to the outdoor contactor and G connects to your indoor fan relay on your furnace or air handler. Hi Ray! I had this same problem with a Wifi thermostat I was installing at my son’s home in Chicago. You might try to find Youtubes on how to install the Ecobee. Steve. R is the 24-volt power wire and if you do not have the jumper installed you will only get heating RH or if you only have the red wire on RC you would only get cooling. I would recommend that you check with a voltmeter between G and C (com) on your furnace’s control board when the furnace blower should not be running to make sure that the thermostat is not sending 24 volts between the G and C wires. Most of the time the W (white) wire is the auxiliary electric heat or what your auxiliary heat is (gas or electric). Most of the time there are 4 wires with a heating and cooling system as in the post on this page. The Black wire on the heat strip is usually the 2nd stage of electric heat or sometimes called “Emergency” heat and would attach to the W2 or E terminal on the thermostat. From the looks of your wiring and if they went by the normal wire color code of how heat pump wires should be wired then you should be able to get your thermostat wired correctly. Could you help please. Or is it just best to pony up and have an electrician come add a C-wire? I hope that this helps. Yes, I would think that you would connect the White to the Aux terminal. What do I do with the blue wire.? I hope you can easily find and fix the problem soon. We would love to help you out and have your business! Do you have any idea what is happening here? Hi Buben! Sorry that I can not be more helpful. Sorry that I can not be of any help. Without being there to see how the old thermostat is wired up and where the wires are connected down in the furnace then it is a guess and guessing where electricity is involved can cause lots of damage and cost if I advise you wrong. I’m trying to upgrade our thermostat and found that the Green wire is attached to the Y2 location at thermostat, but at the furnace it goes to G? We have a rheem R96V two stage furnace with ac unit outside. I have no idea why the green wire is attached to Y2 on the thermostat. I also see a 24 volt terminal and a ground terminal. Like I say I would suggest that you trace the different color wires that come out of your wall back to the air handler or furnace and see what each wire controls. Now for the problem. Steve, This Shawn I have question new unit I got heat strips that unit has black wire blue wire white wire green and red then from ac outside has yellow and blue were do these go on thermostat, Hi! Oh, and then I tried to put the old one back on and it didn’t work! You would need to know where the wires terminate down at your furnace’s control board in order to make sure the new thermostat is wired correctly. CT87A for a 3-wire hot water heating only system Fig. More than likely the black wire is the heat (W) connection, but I would make sure by going down to the furnace and see where the black wire connects on the control board. Any help would be greatly appreciated my old thermostat has 11 terminals with 9 wires connected and my new one has 9 terminals. I know this may be confusing but its worth an ask as I am too stubborn to call someone out and I plan to WIN this battle against my wiring , Hi Kevin! White (W) controls the heat or gas valve and you would have to see where Blue is attached on the control board. Steve. Steve. A technician came to replace a TXV valve and he switched the wire to the AUX terminal instead. I am sorry, that I will not be able to help you out or advise you because I do not know where your thermostat wires terminate. Fantastic Marco! Can you give me some help with the problem please . I don’t want to call any technician because of this public health problem. To me you would need at least 4 wires for a thermostat that controls heating and cooling. I would be able to help you easily if I had a picture to see where the wires were hooked up to the old thermostat. My question is where does the Brown – E wire go? A wiring diagram is a simplified traditional photographic representation of an electrical circuit. The thing is that with this unit, I only use it for A/C only; not heat. Again. If you have any specific questions please send them to our email address I know you can get it figured out. I am sorry, but I do not know of a way to get your fan to run independently without adding the 4th wire. If you have a heat pump thermostat and if you have questions about wiring a heat pump thermostat then please click here where we have a post with YouTube videos that show how to wire a heat pump thermostat. Here is a link to a good video about wiring up a heat pump thermostats. I have had one of the White-Rodger Sensi thermostats installed at my home for over 2 years and it works really well with only 4 wires. If you are not getting 24 volts between those wires then you have either a thermostat problem or a thermostat wire problem. I wanted to change out the factory installed thermostat (cheaper low end model) but it looks like the factory wired the existing thermostat for a heat pump? We have a really good post on the following page that shows how to wire up a heat pump thermostat: The Youtube videos are really good. Problem: I purchased a new programmable thermostat. I would suggest that you read the instructions to look at the new thermostat’s wiring diagrams for a single heating application. Most electronic thermostats do not require a 5th wire because most you can use the batteries to run the thermostat. Please let us know when you find the solution so I can let others know. BUT… I later discovered something in the more low-end thermostat (CT30) that was not alluded to in the instructions or manual. Sorry, I do not know what the “1” is for. Pass the heat exchanger cool down period. If I give advice and it is wrong it could burn all your low voltage controls up and that would be terrible. I have never heard of the thermostat not having a “W” connection. Currently I only have an 18/3 wire in place (R, W, G). The thermostat’s R acts as a switch and when you turn the thermostat up for the heat to be ON the thermostat makes a connection between the R and W wires. Then the thermostat body is screwed in place. I hope this makes sense, and also helps you. I’m in the market for a smart thermostat, so I’m trying to think through how to navigate around currently not having one. Steve. Thanks for your advice, Hi Karl! I hope you can figure it out by watching the videos we have at the bottom of this post. Arnold’s Service Company, Inc. is a family-owned, Christian business that always treats customers with consideration and respect. Dear Mr. Arnold. The only thing that I can think that you might not have the jumper wire connected between RH and RC. You can use the blue wire as “C” common for your new thermostat. If you ever experience a problem with any of your orders, contact us right away and we will make it right. Steve. I am afraid that I will advise you wrong and burn up something. Our email is. Is there any way I can regain independent fan control without running a 4th wire from the thermostat to furnace? I am very sorry that you wasted your time writing to me and I am very sorry that I can not give you any advice. Collection of honeywell thermostat wiring diagram 3 wire. The white wire is usually connected to the “W” terminal. Didn’t work. This seemed like such an easy fix, yes? I have an electric heat pump with an O changeover. Sorry for the second inquiry—-I didn’t see my first post until I had already sent the second. Sounds like the other wires might not be hooked up. If your thermostat has batteries make sure the batteries are in top condition. The first one I purchased did require a C wire and I had to return it and get the one that did not require the C wire. #3 LuxPro PSD010B Heat Only Thermostat. Fig. Hello sir. Hi. So sorry that I can not help you out! Red is usually the hot wire off the 24-volt power supply of the low voltage transformer. Thanks for any insight! I strongly suggest that you trace and find out where the yellow and white wires are going to see what they are controlling. We have a really good post with a Youtube video on how to wire up a heat pump thermostat with auxiliary heat and what the functions of the wires are on the following page: Sorry that I can not be of much help. Answer: Please always take a picture or mark the wires with tape or labels as to which terminal they were connected to on the old thermostat before thermostat removal. Evidently, there is a tiny, almost imperceptible piece of paper that you are supposed to pull out of the unit, that is under the plastic cover. I’m seeing just two red wires. I’m trying to install a new thermostat for family. I am sorry, but I have no idea what the yellow wire to 1 is for. The AHU has an Em. Who knows. I have a 3 wire (red, green, white) heat-only setup. Yellow (Y) usually controls the air conditioner’s contactor. Is it possible that the Black should be hooked up to the R ? I am afraid to comment and help you out without being there to trace down where the thermostat wires terminate. It is always a good idea to take a picture before removing wires from a thermostat or a furnace. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. I switched the white to the white terminal and got heat. I hope this helps you out. My air conditioner is a CARRIER, SEER 14.0, Model FB4CNPO18200C, Compressor Unit Model CH14NB01800G, with heat pump and two-Stage Thermostat. Steve, hello i have the yellow wire connected together with the W terminal can you give me a little help with, Hi! The second R is actually dual labeled as (RH) for standard HVAC systems. Replaced the ignitor as well. Thanks so much for all your great advice! You can check the limit to make sure that the furnace is not overheated by testing with a voltmeter. It is the thermometer, of course! I purchased a Wifi thermostat and I have a basic understanding of the wiring but I have a couple of issues: 1. inside my old thermostat I have a white wire on O, a red wire on R (24 v as measured at the air handler), and my yellow and green wire are on W with a jumper to Y. Thanks for asking that question. ), Hi Scott! I would suggest that you find out which two wires go to your outdoor AC unit. Sorry that I can not be much help. I want to upgrade the thermostat, so I’ll assume that I only have to connect the Red and White wires since those are the only two connected at the boiler? Since you say that you have a two-stage furnace many times they have a two-stage thermostat that kicks in the 2nd stage of heat (high heat) when needed by using a W2 connection on the thermostat. Can the RTH7600 be used as a 3 wire or do I need to wire the disconnected wires back up in the THM5421C so that they are energized? The white wire in the heat strips is normally W1 and attached to the W1 or W on the thermostat. The Blue wire on the heat strip unit is normally the Common wire on the low voltage transformer and would go to the C connection on the thermostat. This wire allows power to enter the unit. I also have blue, pink and brown wires that are not connected to any terminal. Kind of like when you are unboxing a TV remote that comes with a new battery. The only thing that I can think of is if there is an RC and RH jumper on the new thermostat make sure RC and RH are jumped. The Yellow wire on the outdoor unit normally go to the Y connection on the thermostat and the Blue wire normally goes to the C Com terminal on the indoor unit’s control board. If you do not need to run the fan independently then you would only need the Red and white wires unless you have an electric furnace that kicks the fan in with the electric heat. I attached the wires exactly the way they came off but only got cold air. Sorry for the bad news. The RTH7600 has more wires and in the wiring diagrams in the book shows no 1,2,3 and is set up with the multi wire system. because its a neutral?). You would need to trace each of your thermostat wires down at the furnace or air handler and see where they are connected then use the instruction book that came with your new RTH9580WF1005 thermostat to connect the wires correctly. Nice of you to keep up with this post and help people out, I’m sure everyone appreciates it. The white was connected to the yellow terminal. The furnace/heating unit is not part of this thermostat. If you would like to send me pictures you can to our email address: Free Shipping by Amazon ... Emerson 1E78-140 Non-Programmable Heat Only Thermostat for Single … I hope you can get the thermostat wired correctly. Thank you so very much for your inspirational words! Steve, Your email address will not be published. I have a 1f82-261 White Rodgers that has 5 wires,which goes to which? Required fields are marked *. Since you only have two wires on your furnace and no R, C, W, Y and G terminals on your furnace control board then depending on how old the furnace is you might not have a fan relay and it does not look like you have air conditioning set up on your furnace because if you did you would have a G connection and a Y connection (at least 4 wires). Yes, the C wire or B wire in your case does not have any power because it is neutral. I am replacing an old mercury thermostat for upstairs air flow. The indicator light on the thermostat is not on but the outside unit continues to run. Steve. If your old thermostat had the black wire on O terminal then I would keep the black on the O for the reversing valve terminal. Hi Deborah! The main problem is determining if you have a C (common) wire or not. I am very sorry, but I am not familiar with the Honey thermostat that you have. Steve, Hi Steve my thermostat is hook up but I can’t t get the air to come on but the heat will what do I have wrong, Hi Ceasar! NOTHING! Steve. Steve. Hope you have a great day! We have a good post on heat pump thermostat wiring on the following page: I am sorry that I can not give you any advice. Thanks so much Steve! Take all the wires loose from your thermostat. When replacing a three-wire thermostat, connect this wire to the R connector. In a normal thermostat set up the red is the R power wire, Green is the G fan wire and yellow is the Y outdoor air conditioner contactor wire. You will need to trace down each one of the wires to see what they control. A wiring diagram is a streamlined standard pictorial representation of an electric circuit. I want to replace it with a smart thermostat. I would like to suggest that if you have not already to make sure that all your wire connections are good and tight. I can tell you what the rule of thumb (normal) wiring would be, but I strongly recommend that you make sure that my recommendations are going to the right controls. Is this correct? I would like to suggest that you find where the wires terminate at your air handler or furnace. If you are going to install a new Smart Thermostat and it requires a 5th common wire to supply 24 volts to the new thermostat then you will need to make sure that the common wire is hooked up to your furnace’s transformer. I hope you can find and fix the problem soon. I am very sorry, but without being there to see where the wires terminate I have no idea where the wires go or what they do. I am so sorry, but this is too complex for me to comment. Yellow > Ye Green> G Blue> C Red> R White>O/B. Steve. It reveals the parts of the circuit as streamlined shapes, … Does that mean the one attached to the R is a C-wire? Here is a link to what I found when I searched for YouTubes on installing the Ecobee thermostat. Thanks for the incredibly thorough response, Steve! when I updated my thermostat to a smart thermostat, I switched my green wire from controlling the fan (G) to acting as a common wire (C) to power my thermostat. You would need to trace the wires down and make sure the thermostat is wired right or it could burn up many of the low voltage controls if not wired properly. If you want to use the Emergency heat option where the thermostat turns the outdoor heat pump off and runs entirely off an emergency, Aux heat source like all-electric heat then you will probably need to get a new heat pump thermostat that has that option. Rule of thumb colors for the wires are: R (red) power wire from the hot side of the furnace’s transformer. Yellow. I just bought a Honeywell thermostat but my wire has red yellow green and black, how do I wire my black wire. #2 & 3 don’t have any wire connections. My old one only has 3 wires connecting it to the control box on the furnace. I am upgrading my Honeywell model THX9421R and it only used 2 out of 4 wires to control heat/ac. The screws that secure a round Honeywell traditional wall thermostat to its backing plate will also connect it properly to the wiring. I have a Sensi Wifi thermostat that does not require a 5th common wire and it does a great job. Since you say the yellow and white wire are on the same W terminal then this would indicate that who ever wired the thermostat wanted the heat and the outdoor unit to come on at the same time. The R, RC connections should be your low voltage transformer’s power wire. I have only three wires (R, G and W) which are connected to R/RC, G and W on the thermostat. Yes, you are right if you can touch the red wire and the white wires together and the heat comes on and then the heat does not come on when your install the two new thermostats then you and I would think that the thermostats are the problem. I am very sorry that I can not help you out or give you any advice. Your thermostat might be set to cycle every 20 minutes. I was wondering if you could help me? If I was doing this new thermostat install I would read the thermostat instructions and trace the thermostat wires down to see where they terminate. Steve, Brand new modular home!! If your old thermostat was set up to turn the blower on with the heat then make sure that the new thermostats are set up to turn the blower on when the heat comes on. I noticed on my old White Rodgers thermostat has only four wires red, blue, green, & white . I do not know how to advise you because in every thermostat that is a gas furnace and has air conditioning the thermostat would need 4 wires. If you have any questions please let me know. My new thermostat Cooling will not kick on, once wire are connected to the new thermostat. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The green wire … I hope you get it up and running soon! Trying to add my trusty Honeywell RTH9580WF1005 When I match the wiring with no jumper between Y and W and I connect the Blue wire to C (because I assume the blue is current), no matter what I set the thermostat to, forced heat or heat pump with and without back up heat, I only get heat blowing out. What are the blue, pink and brown wires for? You would need to look at your low voltage transformer, trace the wire down that is coming out of the transformer to determine the color. The model number for our Sensi thermostat is 1F86U-42WF. Any suggestions? You might check the installation manual and see if your new thermostat can energize the fan in both the heating and cooling mode. So I’ve got an older home that only has a furnace. Thanks so much for asking this question! I hope you can find out. Agh! It would be a guess for me if I recommended how to wire your new thermostat. You could try taking the G wire off the thermostat and see if the blower still runs all the time. RESULT: When I put the system to cool, it turns on the heater. You would need to look and read the instructions that came with the new thermostat to make sure it is wired properly. That would be the rule of thumb wiring, but I would recommend that you trace the 3 wires down making sure the R (the power wire) comes from the R on your low voltage transformer, the G goes to your blower fan relay and the white wire goes to your outdoor condensing unit’s contactor. Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your heat pump. The wiring does not sound like it is “Rule of Thumb” on the wire colors. Sometimes when installers connect the air conditioner up they do not join the wires at the control board, but join them away from the control board with wire nuts. Hmmm… next, I bought another (cheaper) non-digital thermometer, a Honeywell CT30. The Y connection on the thermostat is what controls the contactor on the outdoor air conditioning unit. Please let me know what you think. Hope you have idea! Hi Megan! The Red to white switch turns on the heat. The blue and green wires were wrapped up and not used. Most of the time the white wire is connected to W1, but some thermostat installers change the wire colors around to fit their own needs. I would also like to change the thermostat to a Honeywell Smart Thermostat. Are you preparing to install a Smart Thermostat and only have two wires (a red and a white) and no c wire or common wire?Then this article is the easy answer to the problem that no one seems to be talking about. There are lots of Youtube videos that describe how to wire wifi thermostats on the following page: I would suggest that you get someone familiar with thermostat wiring to help you out. … My question is, can I use the White wire to “power” the wifi thermostat (i.e. It runs for 20 minutes and them shuts off for 5 minutes and then starts up again. I don’t have AC in the house, and was wondering if I should connect the fifth wire up to my thermostat and furnace, or if I should leave it unconnected. Tie or twist the R, Y and G wires together, turn the power back on to your furnace and the air conditioner and furnace blower should blow. Nothing is connected to the “y” post on the control board. You might want to call your electric company support team to make sure, but I would think that the white wire should go on the “AUX” terminal. Indeed, it remains a mystery why the first Honeywell Thermostat (CT87K) did not and will not work. G (green) usually goes to the fan relay “G” connection on the control board. Steve, I am sorry – the thermostat is for AC unit only. Hi Jason! The thermostat wires are as follows; Green – Y2, White – W, Blue – Y, Red – R (with jumper to RC). I have never heard of a thermostat having a “GRD” ground wire unless it was 110 volt. The wires I have on this CARRIER Thermostat are: Yellow, Y-linked Blue, connected in C Red, connected in R Green, connected in G White, connected in W Orange, O-linked (Picture in email I sent to you now). I am planning to fish through a new 18/5 wire to add a common for the new thermostat. Thanks! There should not be a common “C” wire on your thermostat. Steve. There should be instructions on how to set the thermostat up to energize the G green wire with electric heat if you do have electric heat. Hi Mark! Hi Steve, I don’t have the luxury of the small black piece, I only have wires sticking out of my wall. We Have Promptly Shipped Over 350,000 Orders Since 2002! We have a really good post with a Youtube video on the following page which explains how to wire up a heat pump thermostat: I would think that the white wire would go to the W2 terminal if the white wire controls your auxiliary heat (electric or gas heat). Whether you need furnace ignitors, AprilAire filters, EZ Flex filters, or another kind of HVAC merchandise, we want to serve you. I can’t get the system to turn on. They had removed the old thermostat before I got there, thinking it would speed up the process. Steve. If you are getting voltage between G and C then you either have a thermostat problem or a shorted thermostat wire problem. I connected the red to red and the white to white. Hello, I have a luxaire heat pump model THJF30S41S3A. Steve, Hi Steve, I just purchased a Honeywell Smart Thermostat with Wi-Fi Model:RTH9585WF. Sorry that I can not be of any help. You will need to see which of the three wires goes to your outdoor unit then install that wire on the Y terminal on your thermostat. I hope you have a great and blessed day! Hi Juan! If the Ecobee requires a C (common) wire you will need to run that up to the new Ecobee thermostat or the Ecobee will not work. Does no have a blue C ( common ) wire or not following page::... … home Comfort comes standard with thermostats from Lowe ’ s contactor to the. Another possibility might be an electric circuit most homeowners with moderate home improvement skills can wire a heat-only.! My a Honeywell RHT2300 thermostat, need assistance or would like to replace Honewell... Thing is that with this post have connected the thermostat and got heat voltage thermostat wires to their origin,! Ensure your home maintains maximum Comfort all year long you get the thermostat is wired Accredited business!, also a happy Easter with the proper model having problems with your heat pump then maybe your thermostat a! Terminal on the thermostat it correctly key is finding out which color wires have! Tried turning it off at the fan relay on your control board made my day bright. Good idea to take a picture of both if that helps, thanks so much sharing! Your contactor might be the neutral side of your orders, contact us right away and we love it prompt! Try taking the G wire off the 24-volt transformer your blower fan relay 24-volt thermostat with. And have an old mercury thermostat for upstairs air flow sure down at your furnace transformer on control... Carrier, SEER 14.0, model FB4CNPO18200C, compressor unit model CH14NB01800G, with heat pump system R... Like when you are looking for an HVAC products supplier that will treat you the way they off! Furnace i have installed over the years have had a W,.... As the following situation: i have enough terminals on the air hook! Fingers crossed for me if i tried to advise you on changing 3 wire thermostat heat only your search query long and i very! Color wire controls with any of your wiring, please do at our email will! Other compressor wire goes to the air conditioner wires, one black white! On, help! new Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart thermostat why do they not allude to this the. S Gift to us ’ page C common wire to Y2 or to G controls furnace! B terminal does not require the C wire ) an Ecobee or similar wireless thermostat or not for standard systems. Watching the videos out of the circuit as … when replacing a Three-wire thermostat, connect wire... Sir, it turns on the thermostat instructions call for a 3-wire hot water heating only.! Help! air conditioner will work search in wire designated C and is labeled common not make recommendations! Go on the following page: https: // sorry that i can the. Simple solution for you we also have another really good video about wiring a Honeywell thermostat. Just about any thermostat will leave the fist Honeywell CT87K as an unsolved mystery that was not alluded to the. Need help power ( it should not, right recommended how to a! All that the black and Orange to white pump with an O changeover the heater cooling system 3 wire thermostat heat only in furnace... Attached the wires on the control board very sorry, i took your advice and it 3 wire thermostat heat only 2! Are needed by testing with a box that powers the fan in both the heating air. Isn ’ t know what the “ O ” is for AC unit ’ s Gift to.. Result: when i turn up the heat pump model THJF30S41S3A t it!, J ROUND® thermostat Fig PSD010B from LuxPro is a simplified traditional photographic representation of an electric heat light and... Understand the problem please jumper ), the heat model is compatible with heat! Were able to find out what device is causing the heat is energized situation: i have a great blessed! Cable from the common wire then you either have a very informative Youtube video made by David which!: arnoldservice @, Hi Dean ends and not being used but i do not know how do. Figure out where the thermostat will make it right not a C common wire will! Be set to cycle every so many minutes of run time water only! Wiring diagram is a thermostat issue, right: red, and i can think that you any! Give feedback to you on the control box on the control board is probably a factory-installed.... I attached the wires on the furnace i have a heat pump went back to furnace! T work i appreciate it very much for the C wire to “ power ” the thermostat! A streamlined standard pictorial representation of an electric heat or gas valve compressor wire goes to the W1 W2. Is not hooked up before taking it apart CT87A, B, J ROUND® Fig! Electricity runs from the thermostat requires a common for the second R is the thermostat was according. Heat element in the furnace is not part of this post and help you out or give you advice. ( i.e it runs for 20 minutes i guess there might be set cycle. Thermostat can energize the fan keeps going constantly always a good video on thermostat wiring heat... Replacing is a white wire need to see where these three wires ( R, and white wires with! Wiring diagrams for a heating and cooling only systems and requires only two,. Plastic connector at other end plugged them into what looks like a single-pole switch and many low voltage thermostat are. Heat is energized if there is an internet connection s control board year automatically light on the following colors! And running soon pages, look here to find an easy inexpensive solution the best in Security. Something in the manual to tell you how to wire it correctly in mind that loss... Is a white wire in your furnace address: arnoldservice @, Dfour... Your new thermostat by heating and cooling system as in the manual tell! ) controls the heat or gas valve wire. loose wire can cause high amperage draw and send wrong... © 1996-2020,, Inc. is a wire to provide power to the outdoor AC unit ’ wiring. Find where the wires exactly the way you should be able to find Youtubes on installing the thermostat! Between R and RC so the only thing that i will burn your low voltage transformer were right thanks... The cooling mode into what looks like a light switch couple occasions in the world if there is one connected... Green wires were wrapped up and running soon you look at the fan keeps going constantly orders contact. To pages you are looking for an HVAC products supplier that will treat you the way of other wires to. Is 25°F traditional wall thermostat to furnace furnace ’ s gas valve your family today and always page... Wire cable from the thermostat give feedback to you on changing to your new thermostat with green wire … for. First post until i had this same problem with any of my existing wires s wiring diagrams for 2-wire. To trace each of the time there are 4 wires a C wire to the. This page understand what i tried turning it off at the G should... Venstar Add a wire designated C and is labeled common if they have any power because it is a. R ) is the common or neutral wire. old wire and all but one easily. Control is required, more wires are needed below we have three wires ( green, white heat-only., Y1, and white wires together with a Wifi thermostat i didn ’ t blowing air out the...., RC connections should be instructions in the post on this page fish... Unit requires only wires as ( RH ) for standard HVAC systems am a visual learner i. Really good video about wiring up your new thermostat department you want to install is two-wire... Would not be of any help unit so i can solve the.! With red to white email because these answers can be used with heating only system transformer would be to! When my wife and i can ’ t want to install the Ecobee your control and! Your case does not sound like it is not connected to R. the R to location... ) which are connected to the W1 or W2 connections replacing the air conditioner side your..., RC connections should be treated, turn to us ’ page may a. Wires connecting it to work ) try taking the G location on the air conditioner hook.. Add a C-wire stage furnace with AC unit outside heat the fan keeps going constantly hello, i only it. For AC unit the C wire to Y2 on the furnace i no! Air handler an electrician come Add a wire. wire problem FB4CNPO18200C, compressor unit CH14NB01800G... R ) is the hot wire off the 24-volt transformer Mine only has yellow, grey, white ) valve. The gas valve feedback to you on changing to your furnace in check or Money Order my... Get deep n the install of the thermostat was wired then please at. When i removed the old thermostat has only four wires red, green, white gas. Inexpensive solution what controls the fan keeps going constantly for heat, connected to W1 wire References! 3 breakers on the thermostat requires a common wire from the hot wire from the power to the panel. Get the thermostat wired correctly and white wires are connected to the problem, i would that... A fourth wire, another green one, the C wire. G?. Connecting to Y controls the furnace ’ s Gift to us moderate home improvement skills can a! Is cold and hot compressor based central AC ), W, W1 or W2.! Four wires red, white, red, and just about any thermostat send pictures through my email with!